“Zoom” is an app that lets people connect through live video, basically like FaceTime for a bunch of people all at once.

You can download the Zoom app on your smartphone or tablet, or go to the website at Zoom.us. Then select "Join a Meeting."

Each week, Bro Ryan will give you a “Meeting ID” number that you will use to join the meeting, as well as a password. Once joined, you should enable your video and audio, so you can see and communicate with others in the group.

One person talks at a time, and everyone is able to hear and see that person while they are talking. We will use this for open discussion as well as some games and different things.

Bro Ryan can control who is able to be heard and seen, and has the ability to mute or hide anyone.

During the message portion, the only camera that will be able to be seen is Bro Ryan’s screen. The chat will also be turned off, so that there are no distractions.

The service will be over by 8 pm.

How It Works

Youth Alive is LIVE, so plan for it at 7 pm Monday evenings. I will join the meeting at about 6:45 pm, so feel free to come hang out with us early.


If you cannot attend live for whatever reason, we are working on ways to record and publish the video to watch at a later time.

Find a quiet place at home that you can focus. You may want to use earbuds with a microphone.

Set up your phone or tablet on a stand, or use a computer with a camera, so you can participate hands-free. The larger the screen you can use, the better.

Have your Bible with you. We will still be having a regular message time.


You must be FULLY DRESSED and sitting up in a modest fashion. Dress and carry yourself as if you were attending Youth Alive at church (including no pajamas.)

You must be in an appropriate environment (nothing in the room that would be inappropriate for others to see on camera).

There will be no inappropriate language verbally or in the chat (includes cussing, innuendoes, rude remarks, etc…).

Use your real name. We need to be able to identify everyone that is on the chat for the safety of other viewers.

*Violation of any rule will result in immediate removal from that night’s meeting and you will not be allowed to rejoin.


Zoom is an awesome tool, but we are taking some extra measures to keep our meetings a safe and clean environment for teens to come to.

The link and ID to the meeting will be posted online and is shareable, but the password to enter the meeting will be distributed the day of the meeting and will not be posted online. This is to prevent spam and unwanted visitors or content from joining Youth Alive.

No teen will be able to at any time “share their screen.” This is to protect everyone from any inappropriate content, accidental or intentional, from being shared from a computer.

Teens are not able to message each other or send files directly through Zoom. All messages are posted in the public chat.

If at any time a teenager does not abide by the rules of Youth Alive Online (listed below), they will immediately be removed and will not be able to join back in for the remainder of that meeting.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Bro Ryan at 870.376.6192.

Safety Precautions

Youth Alive
is a part of the Student Ministry of
White Drive Baptist Church
445 White Drive
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